INSURRECTION with Brenton Lengel


In addition to his career as a playwright, Brenton Lengel has spent significant time as a journalist, political commentator, and talk radio host having been present for much of Occupy Wall Street in NYC. He has been a guest panelist on Huffpost Live, and is a regular contributor to The Ed Tyll Show on the StarCom Radio Network, as well as the host of his own showInsurrection with Brenton Lengel also on StarCom.

Insurrection is a weekly radio show which offers news, opinion and analysis of world events from a radical perspective that goes beyond the current left/right dichotomy of the establishment media.  The show  features interviews and commentary from many prominent figures in the activist world including George “Rithm” MartinezCaptain Ray Lewis, and Andy StepanianInsurrection is carried on 22 US radio stations 132 International, plus Satellite and Internet, and thus can be heard everywhere from New York City, to Africa, Europe, China, and the Russian Federation.

In addition, Brenton Lengel was the only journalist who managed to secure an exclusive one-hour interview with Cecily McMillian, while she was incarcerated in Riker’s Island Penitentiary, which can be found on youtube in four parts.

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